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Ken Macy is an independent musician from central Massachusetts

Great songwriters are a dying breed. But with talent like Ken Macy, there’s great hope for the future.
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independent recording artist from central massachusetts

Ken Macy Bio (Personal)

Ken Macy was born in a small town in central Massachusetts. Growing up with his family in the countryside, Ken developed a love for music by listening to records with his family at a young age. It was here that he developed a great appreciation for music. Ken first started playing electric guitar at the age of thirteen. His initial influences ranged from Black Sabbath, Jimi Hendrix, The Allman Brothers Band and 90’s rock to The Black Crowes, CCR, Tom Petty and more southern/country rock sounds. He would receive guitar instruction over the next five years.

By the age of 14, Ken started playing live: at local talent shows, coffee houses and open mics. Ken started out as a session musician playing in multiple different styles and bands as a lead guitar player/back up vocalist.

He wrote his first album “Beginnings” at the age of nineteen which was a compilation of songs he had written with other bands over three years. This was the beginning of Ken’s writing career as a singer/songwriter. The album was an intro to recording solo acoustic and for the next several years, Ken would continue to play live and with other groups. At this time, Ken completed college courses in music theory and continued to develop his skill and learn about songwriting/playing guitar.

By 2006 Ken was ready to record with a full band for his first full band release: “What If...” Ken learned the in’s and out’s of how to record, put together songs and make a full band sound. This album was a collection of songs he had written over the previous three years. Ken played bass, guitar and handled all of the vocals as well as writing all of the songs. He co produced this album with Kevin McCluskey at Long Sought For Sound Studios. His album “What If...” gave Ken his first radio appearance on 92.5 The River’s Home Grown Radio Showcase.

After understanding how the recording process worked, Ken went on to continue playing live and touring locally with other bands until he fully stepped out on his own in 2008. The result was a five song EP titled “Three” (which was also an ode to his dad who got him into music and records. Ken is also the third Ken Macy in his family). A mix of blues rock and a concept album of love to love lost and moving on, Ken hit his stride with writing and producing. This would be Ken’s first time producing by himself and would be common for the rest of his releases. Also in 2008, Ken won two Worcester Music Awards for “Best CD: “What If” and “Best Blues Act”. His album Three was nominated for a 2009 Worcester Music Award. His single “Queen Bee” was also featured on Carter Alan’s Sunday Morning Blues Show.

Ken was off and running. With healthy solo acoustic dates for the next two years, Ken spent a lot of time on the road playing throughout New England and starting to establish himself as a songwriter. By 2009, Ken won two more Worcester Music Awards: “Best Blues Act” and “Best Solo Performer”. In 2010, Ken released his fourth album “Goin’ California”. Visiting his acoustic roots and love for country sounds and country rock, Ken took more of a songwriter approach to each song stepping outside his comfort zone: trying something new as a style while still trying to maintain his voice and sound. “Goin California” was nominated for a 2011 Worcester Music Award and was a welcome change for critics and fans. This would be Ken’s last release with Long Sought For Sound Studios.

In 2012, Ken released “Outlines” which is a collection of all styles of music: Rock, Southern Rock, Blues, Funk, SInger Songwriter and Country Rock/Americana. It was recorded at Northfire Recording Studio in Amherst MA. The album had songs featured from radio station pixy 103 in Cape Cod Mass as well as the song “Outsourced” featured on New England Cable News’ morning show.

After taking some time off, Ken returned to Northfire Recording Studio to record his 2015 release “Blueprints” three years later. Fully recharged, Ken put together 8 songs that were mostly recorded live in the studio as a solo acoustic musician: vocals and guitar. It was the first time Ken had recorded live in studio by himself. Ken wanted to revisit his roots with “Beginnings.” The album went on to win “Best CD” at the 2016 Worcester Music Awards. In 2017, Ken had a TV interview and played two songs on “The Steve Katsos Show” to support the album.

Later that year, Ken wrote a three song ep which would be Ken’s 7th release “Second Chances”. Ken took his live band to record at Wachusett Recording Studio in Sterling MA. A mix of country tinged rock, this was the first time Ken recorded with a band live in studio (The vocals were later re done.) The song “Far Away” was featured on Pixy 103’s Home Grown Showcase. This also marked the first time Ken released exclusively for streaming and digital only.

In the same session as “Second Chances”, Ken revisited a past song he always wanted to record with a band. The single “Working On Love (Band Version)” was released as a single (also online only) in 2018. The song was initially on Ken’s “Blueprints” record. His song was featured on radio stations: Pixy 103 and for the first time played on 101.7 The Bull’s Backyard Country radio program.

Today, Ken is still writing, playing live with his band and solo acoustic. With fifty songs released all written by Ken, he shows no signs of slowing down. New music is in the works and he has a healthy touring schedule. To find out all things Ken Macy, visit his website and social media pages.

winner of 5 Worcester Music Awards

Best CD: Blueprints (2016) |What If ... (2008) | Best Blues Act  (2008, 2009) Best Solo Act (2009)

Featured on

101.7 The Bull 100.7 FM WZLX - Carter Alan's Sunday Morning Blues Show | 92.5 FM the River's Home Grown Radio Show | The Steve Katsos Show (TV) | 106.3 Frank FM | Pixy 103 | NECN New England Cable News (TV)

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